old forgotten places

by branches

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8 track


released January 24, 2015




branches Messina, Italy

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Track Name: wake
In the same way I’ve lost my faith
I’ll lose my mind and
I’ll change my days
On the sad face of today
The exaggeration of yesterday

There’s something not very real on our wake
At the margins of innocence
On seas of guilt

In the place where I saw my end
I’ll see the white lights
I’ll find my way
On the sad face of today
Satisfaction of yesterday

There’s something not very real on our wake
At the margins of innocence
On seas of guilt
Outside of this walls empty words
We are protected souls
Extinct eyes

I’m wasting only my time
I will lose myself
I’m stealing also your time
I will lose myself
Track Name: all that is left
Caressing veils of blue
Awakening of hidden gifts
Our open eyes
A humid shine

At the funeral of the olden times

Wearing memories
Of a free and rebel age
Feeling so cold
And waiting for

Only one last empty look
While the last light fades away
Only one last empty look
In the perpetual night
Track Name: the sunset way
I’m fading slowly again
Through the fog
At the dawn of burning days
Before seeing
The sunset way
You carry on shining
Through the fog
No one’s land is close
I won’t forget
The sound of the waves

Dreaming about Christ nature
I realized mine
From the immersion to
The Calvary
But I see his passion through
The poisoned eyes
Of his murderers
Track Name: the lonely march
Fire in your eyes
Ash in mine
You can caress my face
You will never have my grace

A long way
Side by side
From the emerged lands
To the deepest and lonely seas

All that has been
Is a buried light
Under the weight of time
Vanished among the autumnal fogs
Track Name: declining days
Old forgotten places
Deteriorated by time
New deceptive faces
In the same half-light
To see the angels bleeding
While the day declines
And the vanishing magic
Beyond the crying

The devotees on walk
To the holy place
To steal one promise
Pouring blood and tears
The motive of the creation
The devil’s alibi
The divine imputation
The human conviction

Same indifferent mirror
sees my time go by
new devoted eyes
watch my hope to die
underneath the arches
among the ruins
through the raging waters
to come to you
Track Name: on an ice plate
There’s a time to die
There’s a time to cry
In the half-light I see your face
Your fading face
There’s a place to sleep
There’s a time to hope
Among the angels I dream your face
Your smiling face

Those who are still here
Will never be the same

There’s a star to follow
There’s a way to take
In the darkness I see your wake
Your fading wake
No heat from the sun
No redemptive rain
In the silence I hear your voice
Your ghostly voice

These nights I sleep
On an ice plate

Those who are still here
Will never be the same